October 4, 2016

Costume design for PNEUMA - Nuit Blanche

photo www.blogto.com

PNEUMA at Nuit Blanche Toronto, directed by Floria Sigismondi
Pneuma "breath of life"  is meditative consideration of the transformations that define human existence. Using the rhythmic medium of film, Pneuma represents a personal translation of inner thought. "It bloomed," says Sigismondi, "from a walking dream that unlocked something boundless and idyllic from my unconscious."

Pneuma is a journey of spirit through birth, it is rumination on time and sacred knowledge mediated by the body. It touches on the universal fear of the future unknown and the post-life plane into which we will, inevitably, venture.

Produced by Believe 
Liz Silver, Luke Thornton, Jannie McInnes, Executive Producers 
Christine Miller, Producer
Jarin Blaschke, DP 
Freddy Childress, 1st AD
Todd Heater, Gaffer
Bill Buckingham, Key Grip 
Barbara Lago, Art Director 
Michelle Laine, Stylist 
Pamela Neal, Hair 
Jeffery Baum, Make-up

Michelle Czukar, Editor
Seif Boutella and Rob Walker, VFX Supervisors 
Camila De Biaggi, EP 
Elissa Norman, Producer 
James Tillet, Color 
Rob Walker, Lead Compositor 
John Shafto, Tiago Dias, Graeme Revell, Jacob Fradkin, Chris Ribar, Monica Manalo, & Alain Cisneros, VFX 
Catherine Fischer, Assoc. Producer

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